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World's Largest Bar-B-Que to Arrive at Houston Rodeo: Outdoor Dining is Now an Event

May 1, 2008

Think you've seen everything... well, not so fast! Introducing Juicys™ Outlaw Grill which debuts at the 2008 Houston Rodeo. Juicys™ Outlaw grill is without exception the world's largest bar-b-que, and Juicys™ intends to have the Guinness World Book of Records certify this claim. At over 20 feet high, weighing 27 tons and covering nearly 100 feet of turf this massive piece of equipment will make outdoor dining an event for millions to see.

This beast can cook over 1,000 items simultaneously and with two four-foot aluminum walkways set up along the borders of the grill, our posse of chefs can move about freely to prepare all of Juicys™ famous product line. From Juicys™ Outlaw Burger to Juicys™ Giant Western Sausage, the Outlaw Grill can... and will... satisfy everyone.

The Outlaw Grill arrives in Houston for a three week stint and then begins a 200-day journey to outdoor events from Texas to California.

So who's the creator of such a beast? Brett A. Enright, who at fourteen years old, had a dream about owning a concession business. With a family in the special event concession business, Brett followed in his father's footsteps and opened his first Corn Dog stand in 1984. Through hard work, he has grown the company into one of the largest outdoor food vendors in the Western United States and today, he comes to Houston to unveil the world's largest bar-b-que.

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