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The Outlaw Grill Rolls Into The LA County Fair

September 4, 2008

Think you've seen everything... well, not so fast! Juicys™ Outlaw Grill will be at this year's Los Angeles County Fair. Juicys™ Outlaw grill is without exception the world's largest bar-b-que. At over 20 feet high, weighing 27 tons and covering nearly 100 feet of turf this massive piece of equipment will make outdoor dining an event for millions to see.

This beast can cook over 1,000 items simultaneously and with two four-foot aluminum walkways set up along the borders of the grill, our posse of chefs can move about freely to prepare all of Juicys™ famous product line. From Juicys™ Outlaw Burger to Juicys™ Giant Western Sausage, the Outlaw Grill can... and will... satisfy everyone.

The Outlaw Grill will arrive just a few days before opening day and will remain at the Los Angeles County Fair n for the entire event.

In addition to the Outlaw Grill, Juicys will be unveiling its newest Juicys™ Pavilion, Juicys™ Funnel Cake, which will showcase Juicys™ "Funnel Cake Sundae" and Juicys™ Deep-Fried Banana. "Funnel Cakes have no long been the tradition at fairs, but we wanted to improve the food item by providing assorted toppings and ice cream. We're excited about providing a wide array of food items and we’re delighted to partner with the Los Angeles County Fair to showcase these products," said Brett Enright, President of Juicys, LLC.

Juicys is also excited to announce Juicys eating contest which should certainly provide a ton of opinions. "It's all about providing great food, great service, and some great fun at the fair," says Enright.

Finally, Juicys will be providing valuable coupons online by going to "" or "" In addition, Juicys will have T-shirts and Outlaw Magnets available at the Outlaw Grill.

For more information about this event or to schedule an interview with Brett Enright, owner of Juicys, please contact bill Witt at or by phone 941-518-0859.

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